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Contact Us & Pricing

DeMobile offers competitive, subscription-based pricing compared to similar products from other vendors. With DeMobile you get the added benefit of working within the DeMolay Community: DeMobile was designed by a Senior DeMolay, specifically for use within DeMolay. Further, the Associated DeMolay Chapters of Georgia is proud to officially sponsor and endorse the DeMobile Project.

Pricing Highlights Include:

  • Low Monthly Subscription Fee, Conveniently Billed by PayPal
  • Small Setup and Activation Fee, Including Two Hours of Live Training on a Web Conference Call
  • Technical Support for the Life of the Subscription
  • No Contract: Cancel Any Time

Contact Us Now:

  • E-Mail Jon Challen: jchallen [at]
  • Call Jon Challen: (404) 375-9578

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