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How It Works

DeMobile is easy! From your end-users, to your moderators, to the administrator... the DeMobile interface is completely web-based. You can do everything directly from your favorite web browser.


For the end-user, DeMobile is a snap! They simply browse to your DeMobile sign up page, enter their phone number or e-mail address, and an authorization code is sent to their mobile phone or e-mail account. They enter the code at your DeMobile subscription management page, and they can then choose which lists to subscribe to. If the list is open to all, they are subscribed immediately, and begin receiving messages right away. If the list is closed and requires moderator approval to subscribe, they are prompted to send a message directly to the moderator. If the moderator approves the subscription, it requires just one click to subscribe the user.

End User Flow Chart

The end-user can come back at any time using their authorization code to manage their subscriptions. Their unique authorization code is included with every message sent through the software, so they are always able to log in and subscribe and unsubscribe to the lists you offer.


With DeMobile, you can assign individual moderators to one or more lists. Those moderators will have a unique password to access the lists they moderate. With that password, they are able to send messages to their lists and schedule messages to be sent at a future date. In addition, moderators can view and remove scheduled messages and view and remove their lists' subscribers. DeMobile's Moderator Tools are simple, straightforward, and easy to use. No special software is required; just a regular web browser.


Your DeMobile Administrator has full control of the software. Adding, removing, and editing lists; sending or scheduling a message to any list; setting up moderators; and viewing and removing pending and verified subscribers is a snap with DeMobile's web-based administrator tools. The administrator can also customize the look and feel of DeMobile's sign-up and subscription management tools for a seamless transition from your web site to your DeMobile pages on Your end-users won't even realize they've left your web site!

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